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See What Our Bag Sponsors and Bag Recipients Have to Say About Housewarmers

Your greeter was very nice and helpful.  I loved the mirror and measuring tape, those come in so handy.   Also, the info on Frisco was helpful. It helped me find a dentist who I hope is a good one   He is awfully nice and seems to know what he is doing.  Thanks for everything. 

Mary E.

Frisco Resident

I thought your greeter was incredibly sweet and very informative. I think it is a fantastic way to welcome people to Frisco and I am excited that more businesses are opening so that we can actually get out and explore where we live. We moved here in March, so JUST as COVID19 was becoming a quarantine issue, thus we did not get to experience the local places nearby but be assured we will check them out.

I love it here so far and I really appreciate all of the gifts that your gift bag had in it. Can’t wait to use some of those coupons!

April J.

Frisco Resident

I loved the contents of the bag because everything in the bag was something that I could use. I also love friendly demeanor and the way she prayed with me which uplifted my day. I also love all the things and places that we could actually go to eat out, unfortunately right now that’s not possible. We plan to use those places in the future.


Frisco Resident

That was such a wonderful surprise. The greeter was very sincere and friendly. She took time to explain about the community resources and the items in the bag. She was also very patient with my 5-year-old who asked a million questions. The information was relevant and useful, and the goodies were an extra bonus. 

Shelly O.

Frisco Resident

I was absolutely shocked to receive a welcome gift. It was really a great way to experience the friendliness of Texas that I heard so much about. The greeter was very friendly, and I enjoyed chatting with her. I especially like the free tickets to the basketball game. Me and my son plan to attend a game in the next few weeks.

This is such a great service and experience you offer. Kudos to you and your team for making our family feel welcomed her in Frisco.

Thank you!

Ray A.

Frisco Resident

Kim does a great job Welcoming Newcomers to the Frisco area with solid information to help you settle in, and awesome Housewarming gifts.


Owner, George's Hot Sauce & BBQ

Thank you so much for your warm welcome to the community. We had a very sweet lady visiting us the other day welcoming us, which made us feel pretty special. We enjoyed the goody bag especially the local information and coupons. Thank you again.

Dennis & Mika

Frisco Residents

We had one of your neighborhood reps out to visit us. She was very courteous and helpful in explaining her role and the purpose of the Housewarming kit. It’s great to see there are still communities that recognize the value in reaching out to new neighbors and welcoming them to the area; something I rarely see anymore unfortunately. Since we are new to Frisco and to TX, the community guide is likely the most valuable resource we received. Being unfamiliar with the area, it’s great to have a hand selected resources highlighting events and businesses in the area – definitely something that we will refer to often and retain for quick reference.

I appreciate your organization reaching out – especially during the tumultuous times we have all struggled to adapt to in 2020.


Frisco Resident

The greater was very professional in her approach to me. It was nice receiving a warm welcome since moving from Hawaii.  I really liked the tape measure because I’m filling my house with new furniture. I appreciate the entire gift bag.



Frisco Resident

The greeter was very friendly.  At first, I thought it was someone soliciting so I was hesitant to answer the door but I am glad I did.  We really appreciated the gift bag and coupon book.  Gives us a chance to check out places we would normally not know about, such as Jets Pizza!  We are new to Texas having relocated from New Jersey about 6 months ago, so this is helpful.  Thank you!


Frisco Resident

It was really nice to meet the greeter and she was very pleasant to talk to. We appreciate the time and efforts that you put in to create the gift bag for us; that was very thoughtful of you. We liked the coupon book; the thermometer and our 5-year-old daughter enjoyed the little teeth magnet. 

Sheetal A.

Frisco Resident

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